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Infinity - Organic Bulghur 500g

Infinity - Organic Bulghur 500g

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Infinity - Organic Bulghur 500g

Organically Produced Bulghur Wheat

Bulghur wheat is a little like a cross between rice, pasta and cous cous!

  • Alternative to rice or cous cous.
  • Enjoy in stews or salads.
  • High in protein, low in fat.
  • Made from wheat.
Bulghur (or Bulgur) wheat is made using partially boiled, dried and then coarsely ground whole grain wheat. Bulghur is used in Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. It has a light, nutty flavour and a soft texture when cooked.


Bulghur wheat is cooked in a similar manner to rice or cous cous:

  1. Find a saucepan with a lid.

  2. Put 1 cup of bulghur wheat per person in the saucepan.

  3. Cover with boiling water to 3cm above the level of the wheat.

  4. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.

  5. It will be done when all of the water is absorbed.

  6. The bulghur wheat will be light and fluffy, and there is no need to drain!


Wheat. (Organically grown in Turkey)