5 Litres extra virgin olive oil £68 a tin click here!

honest toil extra virgin olive oil 5l
extra virgin olive oil 5 litres
olive oil 5 litre
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Honest Toil: 5 Litre extra virgin olive oil - illustrated can - Fresh 2023 Harvest!

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Experience the rich, authentic flavour of Honest Toil Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a convenient 5L can.

Honest Toil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

This is the cold pressed unfiltered 5L Honest Toil extra virgin olive oil from Greece (November 2023 harvest)! The price for this EVO olive oil work out at £13.6 p/l.

Honest toil is pressed solely from hand picked koroneiki olives. It's unblended, unfiltered and carefully cold pressed. The acidity sits at 0.3% meanining it's some of the purest olive available available. 

- Unblended

- Unfiltered

- Small batch

- Koroneiki olives

Illustrated by , Enikő Eged, this 5ltr can depicts the λαϊκή or Sunday farmers’ market of Κοπανάκι, a town close to their groves, overrun with cats. 

This 5 litre olive oil is great value for those who want to purchase cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in bulk. When you purchase 5 litres it works out at £13.6 per litre. Healthy, high in antioxidants and vitamins A & E, this oil is naturally cholesterol free.


Did you know that olive oil is one of the top 10 most counterfeited and faked products in the world? We guarantee that this olive comes from one type of olive, one farm and one location resulting in amazing quality and vitamin rich olive oil. We are so proud to be working with Tom and the team at Honest Toil!