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holy fuck hot sauce

The Ribman - Holy F*ck Hot Sauce 200ml

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Experience the intense heat of The Ribman Holy Fuck Hot Sauce, crafted with scotch bonnet and naga jolokia chilis.

Holy Fuck Hot Sauce By The Ribman

Dive into the fiery world of the legendary Holy Fuck Hot Sauce by The Ribman, crafted with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chilis. Each batch is a unique creation, handcrafted without a recipe, ensuring a consistent punch of heat and flavour in every bottle.

Savour the freshness as The Rib Man crafts his holy fuck hot sauce sauces weekly, guaranteeing an authentic taste that's unmatched. Though the recipe varies, the unmistakable heat and bold flavour remain constant. From smoky undertones to a fiery kick, it's an experience like no other.

Keep the heat on standby as this sauce is best enjoyed fresh and chilled. Order holy fuck sauce online for doorstep delivery, and unleash its fiery essence in your kitchen. Whether slathered on ribs, drizzled on tacos, or mixed into marinades, it's the ultimate companion for those craving heat with flavour.