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fountain of youth coconut water

Fountain of Youth Coconut Water (one can) 520ml

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Fountain of Youth Coconut Water offers a refreshing escape into hydration. Sourced from the freshest, young coconuts, each sip delivers a burst of pure, tropical bliss.

Quench your thirst with The Fountain of Youth Coconut Water, straight from young, green coconuts. Available in the UK! From Michelberger Hotel, Berlin, delivered nationwide. Get 10% off when you buy a case of 24 cans. 

Each can (520ml) is £3.65

The packaging, designed by Azar Kazimir, Creative Director of the Michelberger Hotel, reflects the hotel's innovative ethos. Housed within the hotel, the design studio handles all creative endeavors, from hotel branding to various projects.

  • Naturally isotonic, it replenishes your body's hydration balance.
  • Abundant in magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus.
  • Provides a natural cooling effect, perfect for warm weather.
  • Boosts metabolism for increased energy during exercise.
  • Rich in cytokinins for overall well-being.
  • Contains fiber and boasts antiviral and antifungal properties, supporting stomach health and nurturing beneficial gut bacteria.

How to drink it?

  • Enjoy it chilled or over ice with a splash of vodka, rum, or gin and a twist of lemon.
  • Try the Hot Monkey: Fountain of Youth coconut water, fresh ginger, lime slice, and rum.
  • Indulge in a Honolulu: muddle strawberries, raw sugar, basil leaves, rum, vodka, and crushed ice.
  • Alternatively, use it in breakfast cereal or pizza dough for a lighter, healthier option than milk or water. Our 100% natural young coconut water is bottled immediately after opening for maximum freshness and vitality.