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Drift Wood Goat Cheese Ash Coated

Drift Wood Goat Cheese, Ash Coated

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Driftwood is a delicious ash coated, goats cheese log made by White Lake in Pylle, Somerset. It's no surprise that this has won gold at the World Cheese Awards as the light, lemony flavours are a perfect for the soft, creamy texture of the cheese. White Lake have a really built a reputation as world class cheesemakers with most of their cheeses winning multiple awards.

As it's age increases, Driftwood develops more intense and tangy flavours and can be enjoyed both young and more mature depending on your tastes. As with most goats cheeses we'd recommend some sort of light cracker so that its flavours don't overpower the goats cheese. You can also slice or crumble Driftwood into a tomato salad to add a bit of luxury as the citrusy flavours work really well with the tomato.

Driftwood is just one of a number of goats milk cheeses made by White Lake who are experts in their field.