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Ancho Chillies

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Chile Ancho (70g) - mild, sweet-tasting variety of a dried ripened poblano chilli.

Wrinkly-skinned ancho chillies are the most commonly used dried chilli in MÌ©xico with a fruity, earthy flavour thats indispensable whether youre making salsas or traditional sauces and stews like mole and carne con chile.

  • Oxblood Colour
  • Wrinkly + High flesh to skin ratio
  • Notes of: dried fruit + bitter chocolate
  • Serving Suggestion

    Ancho chillies are perfect for stuffing. Wipe clean and soak in water until soft then cut a slit down one side of each chilli with scissors and carefully remove the seeds, keeping the stem intact. Cut peeled potatoes into å_ cm pieces and cook in salted boiling water until soft. Drain and mix together with chorizo, cut to the same size. Fry potato and chorizo in a little oil until slightly coloured, then spoon into the chillies. Puree tinned tomatoes with stock and cook until the consistency of single cream. Pour tomato sauce over the chillies, cover with foil and bake for half an hour.

  • Heat scale3/10

How Hotis anAnchoPepper? Theanchopepper is considered to be of mild heat, though there is a bit of a kick to them. They measure between 1,000 2,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Scale.

  • Storage and Preparation

    Lightly toast then re-hydrate ancho chillies to release their flavour. Wipe clean and remove stems and seeds. Open out flat and toast briefly in a dry pan on a medium heat until fragrant, then soak in just boiled water for 15 minutes. Drain and blend to a paste with a splash of water before using. Always wash your hands after handling chillies. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to light.

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