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The Team

Our food is so good it sells itself. No, it doesn't really. Please meet our team from the shop and hear about their favourite ingredients and wildest dreams.

Thank you very much to our very hardworking team!





How did you meet Rollo?

I went to Uni with Rollo on a Social Anthropology course and we lived together for two years. He was the loudest, most gregarious person on the course so I flocked to him.


Tell us about your two favourite products.

I chose Somerset Solstice Cheese. The cheese is washed in Cider Brandy giving it a nice colour on the outside. l First time I ate it, I scoffed the whole thing. With damson fruit chutney and crackers. 

The Cold Chilli Sauce. I think it tastes totally fresh - like the main components of chilli sauce, very zingy. Because it's cold it's good too, it tricks your tongue a bit. It contains only natural ingredients so it needs to stay cold in the fridge. We're getting another type of cold fermentation chilli sauce in today if you can stick around you should try it [ed. unfortunately I could not].


What do you want to be when (if) you grow up?

Can I say I want to be the guy who photographs kebabs for kebab shops? I like the idea of setting up good lighting all around a stinking kebab.


If you could have any food modified to be a giant version of itself what would it be? (same questions are given to all staff members)

 100's and 1000's.. or cous cous but really, really big. Maybe pomegranate.



I remember Rollo from (secondary) school but it must've been ten years since then he offered me work leafletting and then a job in the shop - his mistake really.

Raja Bonnet Hot Sauce - really good on Frederico's empanadas (Ruka Artisans) or on chicken or as a rub before cooking steak. 

Club Mate reminds me of nights in Berlin - with a little bit of vodka in. 

An astronaut!

A tough question.. A tortilla wrap, so I can cover myself in salsa and roll myself into a burrito. 



I went to school with Rollo when we were 13, we went to Spain together. I've always kept an eye on his food obsession. I loved his dinner parties where I once saw him cook curry for about 30 people. 

Tony's - can't go wrong with chocolate. I've been giving it to lots of friends. Although sadly after choosing this I found out that Tony's was removed from the Slave Free chocolate list due to their ties with Barry Callebaut who together with Cargill dominate world chocolate production.

 La Costeña Salsa Verde - I lived in Colombia for 6 months and loved this salsa. Especially with Totopos tortillas, Rollo managed to find the only tortillas I've had in the UK that taste like they do in Latin America.

A writer and a drummer.

A pistachio nut, all that time shelling them. I'd bang it on the table, shell it and go to town. 



Well first it was through my Mum. My Mum and Rollo work next to each other, he used to get coffee from my Mum's place everyday. She asked for work for me and Rollo got me work on the farmer's market first and then eventually I started helping out in the shop too as it got busier.


Wild Garlic Pesto - It's filled with flavour. It goes well with everything, on a sandwich, on pasta. I hadn't tried it before in my life, it's a new thing.  I tried it just a week ago and I'm completely in love.

Mixed Salami - It's basically just top quality, local salami. It stands out from the majority of meats that I find in London.


I just want to be proud of myself.


A giant version of itself, that's a good one. I think it would be a chestnut mushroom, it would look really funny.  

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  • Please feature all the amazing women who are also on the team at Nourished Communities! Otherwise Rollo your enterprise and it’s growth in difficult times is an inspiration. Thank you! Ian

    Ian Dean

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