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Compton Avenue Easter Walk and Quiz

Compton Avenue Easter Walk and Quiz

 What is it?

It’s a self-guided walk starting and ending at Compton Avenue. It’ll take about an hour and a half.

Made by two of our customers, we'd like to send a massive thank you to Karina and Ewan for keeping us all entertained.


Along the way, there are questions the answers to which you will find by looking up, down and around.


When you finish, you can get the answers by emailing us at hello@nourishedcommunities.com.





1.       From the Tour Guides’ house, past the Village Green, head to George Orwell’s pub

What is the name of this pub?


2.       Turn left to Canonbury Square

Walking through the gardens, what plant is intertwined in metal work down the middle?


3.       What do you get when you straighten out the ICE STORK on the left as you cross the main road?


4.       Continue through the Canonbury Square gardens.

Whose "beloved dog" was Suzy?


5.       Leave the gardens.

At what number would you find the “Animal Farm”? 


6.       Head to Canonbury Place.

What bird directs you North, South, East or West? 


7.       Turn right down Alwyne Villas.

Which British architect lived on the adjacent street?


8.       Which house on Alwyne Villas thinks it’s on Canonbury Terrace?


9.       On the corner as you turn on to Alwyne Road,

How many chimney pots does the grand home on the left display?


10.   What house is "in the pink"?


11.   In the UK, people often give directions by referencing pubs.

What landmark would you give to someone wanting to get to Canonbury Street via Willow Bridge Road?


12.   Keep going down Canonbury Street and turn first right at TOWIE, staying on the right.

What is TOWIE an acronym for?


13.   Eyes down after the Bingo Hall.

·       Plumbing the depths, how many covers does John C Aston & Son Ltd claim between 151 and 157?

·       For a bonus point, what shop do John C Aston’s successors occupy?


14.   Turn left down Greenman Street.

When does it appear that the skeleton covered market was built?


15.   Turn right at the end of Greenman Street.

What is the 5th objective of the Packington Children’s Centre?


16.   Follow the road passed where Jop would feel at home.

For people who have watched The Crown, turn right onto Olivia’s Fields

Keep count. How many number 16s are there on that street?


17.   What sort of hat is the Duchess wearing?


18.   Turn left on to Linton Street, turn right at the New North Road, and left to Wilton Square.

·       At No. 19 Wilton Square you’ll see two black birds. What are they?

·       What do you see at No. 20? 


19.   Leave Wilton Square with S*ocks Lodge on your right.

How many Corinthian Columns do you see as you turn right at the Gin Parlour?


20.   Do not cross the bridge; there be dragons there!

What is the difference between being on this side of the bridge, and the other?


21.   Zig-zag to stay within the safety of Islingtonia by:

·       Turning right back up the New North Road

·       Then left on to Arlington Avenue

·       Then right on to Rees St

On Rees Street: Why is No. 18 an odd number?


22.   Now there’s some more zig-zagging:

·       Turn left back onto Linton St

·       Right at the Gin Distillery towards St Paul (not the cathedral)

·       Then take a left

·       Then take a right up to the church.

ü  Whose Parish church is it?  

ü  How many flowers and stars are there over the main door?


23.   In a “Row”, what is the eponymous British naval anthem

For a bonus point, walk up the Row singing it


24.   How many buildings does the London Art House occupy? 


25.   At the top of Britannia Row turn right to Cross Street.

How many "Easter bunnies" can you see in the front window of the menagerie at the corner of Essex Road and Cross Street?


26.   Make your way up Cross St, turning right along Shillingford St.

"Look up at the stars, not down at your feet". Name the artist.


27.   Make your way now left on Hawes St and right along Florence St.

How many clocks are on the corner building?


28.   Go round the bend to end up on the Road to Scotland and turn right on to it: What is the name of this road?


29.   In what year was Islington Town Hall built (in modern day numbers)?


30.   What was the original name of The Upper House?


Congratulations! You’ve completed your self-guided Compton Avenue Easter Treasure Hunt.

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