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Peppers, Carrots and Broccoli Fried Rice



4 Tbsps Vegetable Oil (Half Sesame Oil might be nice if you have it)

A Sprig or 2 of Rosemary

3 Leeks

Soy Sauce

1.5 Tsps Salt

1.5 Tsps Turmeric

1 Tsps Chilli Flakes

250g Sliced Carrots

1 Large Broccoli, sliced stalk and all

2 Tsps Cumin

3 Tsps Black Mustard Seeds

1 Red Chilli, finely sliced (optional)

2 Red Peppers and 2 Yellow Peppers

5 Garlic Cloves and 1 thumb of Ginger, all finely sliced

1 Lime

1 Tbps Honey

2 Tsps Chinese 5 Spice

Boiled Rice (as much as you like), I advise just having it slightly undercooked but it’s fine if it’s already fully soft.



Heat 3 tbsps of oil nice and hot. Throw in the rosemary and stir it round as it crackles.

Slice the leeks well and throw them in, after a few minutes add a dash of soy sauce, salt, chilli flakes and the turmeric. Then stir in the carrots.

A couple of minutes later, add the cumin and mustard seeds, then the sliced broccoli stalks (saving the rest of the broccoli for a moment) and the red chilli if using.

Chop up the peppers and add them with the broccoli and the garlic and ginger. Fry everything for another 5 minutes, stirring well. Then drizzle over the honey, add the chinese 5 spice, squeeze in the lime, and add more soy sauce if you like; keep stirring and frying for another couple of minutes.

Now add the precooked rice and stir for another few minutes (depending on how well cooked your rice is).

Serve, ideally with green tea.

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