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Charity Quizzle

Quizzle - a cross between a quiz and a puzzle.

Please donate to The Spitz if you are able and submit answers to hello@nourishedcommunities.com before midday on the 29th of March

The prize is a £50 voucher for our shop :). 

The Spitz bring live music to people suffering from loneliness and isolation.  Please find more information here or click here for their crowd funder.

The basic idea to make the items in a quiz un-look-up-able by combining both puzzle and quiz elements in the questions. Feel free to consult anything you like, but you may need some inspiration to guess what to look up.

  1. J L + P M + G H + R S = T B

What does TB stand for?

  1. If "Heating Goes Wrong" = 1 and "Offers Honest Jam" = 3, what is the value of "Mohican All Bran"?
  2. What word comes next in this series:

Wheat, Set, Cease ... ?

  1. What are the next two items in this series?

J M T B G B D C T M ? ?

     5. What comes next: T B O N T B T I T ...?

     6. There are 52 C in a P. How many colours are there in the P?

     7. More tricky -  If 7 D O T W is 7 Days Of The Week, what is 6 S K N F?

     8. What is missing from the bracket in the last item:





  1. What have Roald Dahl, John Steinbeck, P.G Woodhouse and Anton Chekhov done which Charles Dickens never did?

    10. If C H G G and Z were once T M B, what did GC, JC, TG, EI, and TJ become in 1969?

  11 What are the following letters - and no others: B C F H I K N O P S U V W Y

    12. What achievement was shared by Napoleon Bonaparte, Grover Cleveland, Mikhail Botvinnik, Kevin Rudd and Muhammad Ali?

    13. Replace X in: Ply arse, X, Sore army, My the,

    14. If CHESS = 6, CHAT = 8, THUNDER = 100, what is the value of RIDE?

    15.  For what are there 1 A, C, D, E and K and 8 B’s?

    16. What is the only country that can be typed on a single row of a qwerty keyboard?

  1. What is the only US state that can be typed on a single row of a qwerty keyboard?

  1. If L + N = 62, X + S = 16 and V + W = 14 what does C + E = 

  1. If B=5, G and I = 4, and A, F and U = 2 which two letters both = 1?

  1. Which letter is missing from the following list:

A, B, B, C, C, E, G, P, P, U, V

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