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Cardamom, Orange and Dark Chocolate Biscuits


1 Orange Peel

6-8 Green Cardamom Pods (or a little less if you are not accustomed to the taste), ground in an electric spice grinder (or blender if you don’t have one).

150g Plain White Flour

120g Butter (I have tried using a mix of Coconut Oil and Olive and Vegetable Oil as a vegan replacement but I'm not sure on the best quantities)

90g Sugar

A handful, of Dark Chocolate chips, chunks or melted (optional)

A squirt of Maple Syrup/Golden Syrup (optional)



First place the orange peel in the oven at 150 Celsius or less (if you’re really in a rush you can try hotter but you don’t want the peel to burn). After around 20-30 minutes the peel should be dry and crispy. If it’s not totally dry leave it a bit longer. Grind the dried peel in an electric spice grinder (or a blender if you don’t have one). Take 1tsp of it for this recipe, the rest of the orange dust can be saved and used to top cakes or for more biscuits another day, and add to the ground cardamom.

Mix the butter, flour and sugar until you have a smooth consistency. You may need to add a tbs of maple syrup (or golden syrup) or even a dribble of water for a smoother dough. Then add in the spice mix and chocolate chips or dot with chunks, if using. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate and use it to coat the biscuits after they've been cooked and cooled slightly.

Roll out the dough to about 1cm thickness, cut round biscuits shapes and bake at 180 Celsius on a greased or non-stick surface for around 13 minutes, or until they smell delicious and are beginning to brown.

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