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Odysea - Non-Pareilles Capers (100g)

Odysea - Non-Pareilles Capers (100g)

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Odysea - Non-Pareilles Capers (100g)

Non-Pareilles capers, with a delicate texture and intense salty flavours.

Capers are the pickled, unopened flower buds of the Capparis shrub plant that grows wild in abundance around the Mediterranean basin and one of the most popular ingredients used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Capers are harvested from May till August – smaller sizes picked earlier at the beginning of the season while bigger sizes later in the year before the bud fully matures to a caper-berry.

The smaller the caper, the more delicate in texture and intense in flavour. The smallest of capers, which measures under 7mm, is considered “non-pareil” which is French for “has no equal.” Non-pareilles capers are renowned as best among capers for their flavour and texture.

These firm buds pack intense flavour and can lend sharp, slightly piquant and salty flavours to dishes and recipes.

Use them to garnish dishes, as condiment, combine them with lemon and add to sauces & dressings.



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