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Natty Natural Wine Case - 6 Bottles

Natty Natural Wine Case - 6 Bottles

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"Experience the essence of nature with our natural wine selection. Untouched by additives, these wines express pure terroir, embodying sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention. Sip authentic flavors that tell a story of genuine passion for winemaking. Cheers to a pure and delightful journey in every bottle!''

Chin Chin Vingo Verde - Quinta do Ermizio:

From the team behind Noble Rot, this hipster staple delivers big on vibrant flavour at a very reasonable price. Deliciously crisp it's perfect for a part, BBQ or guzzling in the park.

Gradual - Organic Portuguese Red 2020: 

Full bodied organic red from Duoro, Portugal. Excellent structure and plenty of complexity and persistence.

Olivier Cazenave Et Chateau Bel A Ciao Vin Orange:

The wine has refreshing citrus aromas such as tangerine as well as wild flowers. The mouth is fresh, lively and complex with notes of fresh tropical and citrus fruits. A slightly spicy, long lemon finish. The lack of sulphites used in the vineyard and in production combined with careful winemaking, this wine has incredibly low sulphite levels in the finished wine.

Mil Historias - Spanish Bobal 2020:

Intense and powerful biodynamic Bobal from one of Spain's highest altitude wineries. Dangerously drinkable.

'Crystal' - 2021 Croatina Nat Fizz:

Tasting Notes: Super fresh, rhubarb, raspberries and a complex nose but super clean taste.

Renegade Wines - 'Gary' 2021 - Pinot Noir: 

A high-calibre Pinot Noir made in London from grapes grown in Oltrepo Pavese, Italy.

Light/med bodied with soft tannins, lots of red fruit

Pairing: Mushroom dishes, salmon, lamb, cheese