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Granola, or Blueberry Porridge With Honey and Whisky

At this time of year I find myself unable to choose between granola or porridge in the morning, will the sun peek out from behind that cloud?

Here is a delicious recipe for Granola from the good people at love and lemons. Beneath is my recipe for Blueberry Porridge With Honey and Whisky.

Fill a thick bottom saucepan with milk or water and oats, the liquid about 2cm over the oats. Heat the milk to a gentle boil.

After a couple of minutes add the blueberries and continue to heat gently. Stir well, if it starts to dry, add more liquid. 

Once the oats are soft and some of the bluberries have exploded, serve into a bowl. In the same saucepan swill 50ml of whisky and a good sized spoon of honey, heat gently. 

Pour the honey-whisky sauce all over the porridge. 

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