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Haverstock White, Nettle 250g (vegan)

Haverstock White, Nettle 250g (vegan)

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Haverstock White, Organic, Plantbased: A natural source of prebiotics fermented with live cultures.

description: cashew and macadamia nuts form a soft base marinated in garlic, fresh thyme, black peppercorns and olive oil. Creamy, with a salty tang and a robust acidity akin to a persian feta.

type: soft, marinated

base: fermented macadamia & cashew, spring water

treatment: organic, raw & unpasteurised

serving suggestions: add it to salads, tacos, roast vegetables, pasta or simply dress any creation with the full flavoured oil

awards: independant ‘best vegan cheese 2022’, 1 star great taste 2022

storage: keep refrigerated below 5’c for up to 3 months. consume within 1 month after opening


Organic & fermented; Haverstock White has a rich umami tang & a robust acidity. Marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, fresh thyme and black peppercorns.