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Take Me Abroad Hamper

Take Me Abroad Hamper

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Take Me Abroad Hamper includes:

Torres Black Truffle Crisps: Hand-cooked gourmet crisps; Made in Catalunya, north east Spain. Made with Spanish potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt. Free from gluten and lactose!

Nuri Sardines in Tomato Sauce: Premium, artisan sardines from Portugal, tinned on the day they're caught. Tinned with a rich tomato sauce.

Valentina Hot Sauce: The most well known salsa picante in Mexico. Spicy with a citrusy & medium heat. This salsa picante is used on crisps, chopped cucumber, eggs or even chicharrones to add heat & flavour to snacks. 

El Faro Anchovy Olives: These 'Manzanilla; variety olives are green, firm, intense and slightly salted then stuffed with Anchovies for a richer flavour. A perfect aperitif or bar snack. Based in the city of Murcia, South Eastern Spain, Faroliva SL specialise in growing and harvesting olives with experience which goes back over half a century.

Club Mate: CLUB-MATE is made of Mate, a century-old plant from the jungle in South America. Its unique combination of ingredients works wonders even in the now and here!

Whitebox Cocktails Squeezy's Margarita: Squeezy's is a homage to the classic margarita. A bright, tangy and sour cocktail from Mexico made with fresh lime, tequila and triple sec (orange liqueur).

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