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hot sauce hamper

Hot Sauce Hamper

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Delve into the fiery delights of our Hot Sauce Hamper, expertly curated for spice lovers.

Our hot sauce hamper includes a range of artisan hot sauces from smoky chipotle to fiery scotch bonnet, perfect for adding zest to any meal. Ideal as a gift or for your own culinary experiments, this hamper is sure to ignite the taste buds and elevate your cooking.

My Hot Valentine Hot Sauce Hamper includes:

- Holly F*ck Hot Sauce from The Rib Man: The Ribman's famous Holy Fuck Hot Sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers and naga jolokia chilis.

- My Neighbours the Dumplings chilli oil: A fiery chilli oil made with chunks of Birdseye chilli, red chilli and Sichuan pepper. The perfect accompaniment to dim sum and dumplings.

- White Mausu Peanut Rayu: Gently fried with some garlic so its crisp and crunchy. Roasted peanuts and sesame with gochugaru (Korean Chilli Flake) and a house-blend of chilli.

- En Root Raja Bonnet Hot Sauce: Indian inspired hot sauce that celebrates fruity flavoursome fire! An outrageous blend of fresh Scotch bonnet, kesar mango and fragrant Gujrati spices. An Indian step into the world of Scotch bonnet! All natural fresh ingredients.

- 12:51 Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam: Sauce Shop meets 12:51 by Chef James Cochran. This is jam hot! Based on his mum's Caribbean recipe, BBC Great British Menu winner James Cochran's chilli jam.

- Isle of Wight Tomato Chilli Jam: Cooked in small batches using fresh Isle of Wight tomatoes, ginger, English cider vinegar and chilli for a seriously delicious kick.

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