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Gloucester Old Spot Back Bacon (275g)

Gloucester Old Spot Back Bacon (275g)

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With the taste of beautiful Gloucester Old Spot and a generous rind, our dry cured bacon is a delicious choice for breakfast or any other meal. With no added water, it comes from our own traditional breed pigs.

Portion: (approx. 300g)

Serves: Up to 3 people


The Butcher: Our bacon is dry cured to provide a beautiful flavour, with the sweetness that Old Spot’s are famous for. With the right amount of fat, when well cooked, this bacon has the right amount of ‘crisp’.

In The Kitchen: Of course our back bacon is perfect for a morning bacon sandwich, or combined with our sausages and black pudding for the best Full English.

Kimber's Gloucester Old Spot Pork

“Once you try Gloucestershire Old Spots pork you'll turn your back on the tasteless dried up intensively reared pork forever.”Derek Cooper on the BBC Food Programme

Our Gloucester Old Spot piglets are selected from a small number of small holders who keep them in a free range system, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviours such as rooting for food and wallowing in the summer.

We purchase the piglets at 8 -10 weeks, where they are moved to deep straw bedded traditional pigstys with an outside pen. The pigs are fed on the best balanced proprietary food and a spot of milk.

Using an English slow growing breed of pig, in particular the Gloucester Old Spot, the pork is sweet with just the right amount of fat to assist flavour and cooking - and the crackling is something else!


About Kimber's Family Farm

Paul and Ruth Kimber have been farming since 1973, carrying on the family tradition at Charlton Musgrove in the lush pastures of the Blackmore Vale under the shadow of Alfred's Tower, where the Kimber's have farmed for 350 years.

Having a mixed stock farm they have become experts in animal husbandry, with welfare being top priority. Quality is maintained by using wholesome animal feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay - all used during the winter months. The cattle graze in the summer with special formulated rations for finishing, without the use of growth promoters. The same policy is used for all other livestock.

They are responsible traditional farmers, using fertilisers and herbicides only according to need. Animals are treated only when necessary.