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Heist - Goat’s Milk Bar 59%

Heist - Goat’s Milk Bar 59%

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Do you like milk chocolate but are totally anti-cow?

That’s okay friend. We all have our own peccadillos to deal with, but luckily for you; goat’s milk chocolate is here!

Now you don’t have to deal with your deep cow resentment.

It goes without saying that this chocolate is goat smooth, out of this world goat creamy and very goat cocoa beany.

You’ll also get a slight tang that only the finest goatmates can provide. Think chocolate cheesecake and then let’s give a big hooray for goatmates!

Mikey’s favourite bar and he has excellent taste.

Ingredients: Chocolate (organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, whole goat milk powder).

Goat’s milk bar contains cocoa solids: 59% min.