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club mate drink
Club Mate 500ml Glass Bottle
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Club Mate

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Experience the versatility of CLUB-MATE drink, available in 330ml and 500ml sizes, offering three delicious flavors. Perfect for any mood, it's light, stimulating, and vegan-friendly.

Experience the Unique Refreshment of CLUB MATE

CLUB-MATE DRINK comes in two sizes: 330ml and 500ml

There are 2 sizes available:

  • 330ml 
  • 500ml

The perfect refreshment when feeling a little down or if you can't decide between remaining seated and getting up, between daydreaming and keeping focused on the matter or between "will I go out today or would I rather stay indoors"....

Whether ice-cold or at room temperature, CLUB MATE is uniquely different, light, stimulating and mobilizing. Discover your enthusiasm for CLUB MATE sip by sip. You will quickly acquire a taste for it and you will want more and more of the refreshing CLUB MATE.

Try it out and taste the unique mixture of tannins of the mate plant and enjoy the high that the caffeine will give you. You will be inspired and quickly feel the attraction of this wonderful drink. CLUB MATE is not only convincing with its low-calorie content but also with the fact that it is vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free.

Allergens: for allergen info please email support@nourishedcommunities.com