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Adventurous Foodie Hamper

Adventurous Foodie Hamper - UK wide delivery

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Introducing the Adventurous Foodie Hamper: A curated selection of gourmet delights. Discover new flavors and experiences today!

All hampers are available for UK wide delivery. Just select "London wide delivery" at checkout and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Tubby toms bacon dust
  • Pepus - Diced Squid
  • Cairn O’Mohr Gooseberry wine
  • White Mausu - Cashew Crunch {カシュークランチ}
  • Wasabi Mustard - The Wasabi Company
  • Pickled Garlic - Crooked Pickle Co.
  • Strawberry Vinegar, 250ml - Boddington's Berries
  • Miller's Toast Cranberry & Raisin

Want to build your own custom hamper? Email us at rollo@nourishedcommunities.com with your budget or products and we would be more than happy to put something together.

The Best Flavors from Nourished Communities

Tubby Tom's Bacon Dust

Who doesn't love bacon!? This tastes like powdered bacon, kinda frazzles and is totally vegan-friendly. Since launching this product it's been imitated, stolen & ripped off countless times - I guess that's flattering right?! Well this is the O.G AND BEST!

Pepus - Diced Squid

Tinned squid from Barcelona. Squid is nutritious and protein-packed, and Pepus’s is delicious and definitely moreish too. Good with olives, pickles, and in a paella or a salad with chopped onions and peppers.

Cairn O’Mohr Gooseberry Wine

Cairn O’Mohr fruit wines are all made in the traditional and proper way of fermentation followed by at least a year of maturation. This gives our wines real vinosity and smooth well-developed flavours; crisp, fruity and dry-ish. A crackling gooseberry, oak leaf and elderflower wine.

White Mausu - Cashew Crunch {カシュークランチ}

It’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s here to save your meals from meh. Introduce some moreish miso crunchiness to all of your favourite dishes. Top off your noodles, revive leftover rice or chicken, and try mixing with a little vinegar for the perfect Asian-style dressing. Or sneak a spoonful straight from the jar.

Wasabi Mustard - The Wasabi Company

An original, all-natural mustard recipe specifically created to combine with the authentic flavour of fresh wasabi grown on our Dorset and Hampshire farms. Delicious in ham sandwiches, with beef, patê or cheese. Use in salad dressings and sauces for an original flavour with the unmistakable, aromatic pungency of fresh wasabi.

Pickled Garlic - Crooked Pickle Co.

Super crunchy cloves of garlic in a well-balanced Asian-spiced vinegar. The garlic takes on the flavours of the sweet and salty vinegar and has a gentle pungency without being overpowering. Very versatile and great for the larder - a new taste sensation and rather delightfully moreish.'

Strawberry Vinegar, 250ml - Boddington's Berries

This fruit vinegar makes an exciting salad dressing, either on its own or mixed with your favourite oil. It is also wonderful splashed on game. For the adventurous, you could try it on ice cream or inside trifles. Used as a cordial, it is said to be very good for colds.

Miller's Toast Cranberry & Raisin

Slim and ultra-crispy toast. Baked by Hand. Suitable for Vegetarians. Miller's Toast Cranberry & Raisins. The slimmest and crispiest 'toast' to partner pâté, cheese, or just to nibble.

We also do bespoke hampers! If you have any enquiries please contact Rollo on +447414630571