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white mausu peanut rayu

White Mausu Peanut Rayu - 240g

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White Mausu Peanut Rayu transforms everyday meals into flavour-packed delights. This unique condiment combines crunchy peanuts with a fiery blend of chili oil and crispy garlic, offering a perfect balance of heat and crunch.

White Mausu Peanut Rayu is packed full of peanuts, sesame and chilli this incredibly delicious condiment has successfully fused Japanese, Chinese and Korean flavours. Perfect for jazzing up a stir fry, pimping up your roast veggies or simply eating with a spoon!

White Mausu (pronounced mouse-oo) is a Dublin based producer who aim to make sauces you cant live without. The possibilities are endless with this one its a true all rounder. You can often find White Mausu Peanut Rayu in-store on our salad counter, adding a spicy, savoury kick to our kale salad.

Nourished Communites also love White Mausu Peanut Rayu with eggs. Try adding a drizzle on top of your poached eggs and serving with avocado and toast for a spicy take on the famous brunch dish. Trying something different? Use it to elevate your ramen noodles or dip your gyoza in this warming, nutty sauce for an extra burst of flavour!