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Maison Ventenac, Coup de Sang 2021

Maison Ventenac, Coup de Sang 2021

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“Coup de sang”

Maison Ventenac 


(Tome. V)

Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Franc 




Blackcurrant and Black pepper notes

No sulfates 

One day, tired of tasting drab, boring Cabernets, the winemaker decided that enough was enough. In a sudden rage, he announced that he would make his own wine without sulfites, using as little interference as possible. He was determined to find Cabernet’s truest and purest expression. The story continues in your glass and nobody knows how it will end. Take a sip and write the next chapter...” Aromas of ripe pepper and blackcurrant. Roundness and a silky structure with notes of blackcurrant on the palate. A fresh and lingering finish.