Cashew nuts also called as cashew kernels, sweet nuts perfect as a snack or for cooking! product of India.

Cashew Nuts (Cashew Kernels) 750g

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Cashew Nuts (Cashew Kernels) 750g

Cashew trees are mainly found in North-eastern Brazil, but these sweet and creamy nuts are now widely produced in India, Vietnam and Africa. Like all nuts, cashew nuts are packed with nutrients which support our health in a number of ways. They are also delicious in any form, be they raw unsalted cashew nuts, soaked overnight, roasted and salted (not the healthiest option, but very tasty!), crumbled into cashew pieces or blended into creamy butters and vegan milk. Whatever your preferences, raw, natural and organic cashew nutsboast countless culinary uses particularly in Indian cuisine. So be sure to buy cashew nuts for a go-to snack at anytime of day and start adding to homemade curries.

We are very happy to provide bulk orders of nuts to buy.

Cashew uses

There are a great number of classic uses for cashew nuts:

  • Simple raw snacking
  • Creamy cashew curries and saucy dishes
  • Soups, stews, hot-pot dishes and casseroles
  • Protein, fibre and general nutrition-boosting crunch for salad
  • Cake, dessert, home baking and sweet treat making
  • Nut roasts
  • Enhancing porridge, muesli, cereals and other breakfasts
  • Nut butter