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Blackhorse Road Beer Mile - Beer Box

Blackhorse Road Beer Mile - Beer Box

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Discover the top quality beers from London's best kept secret - the Blackhorse Road Beer Mile. Want to enjoy some of London's top beer without walking a mile? Here we have curated some of our favourite beers.

Exale Brewery - Oona 5.8%

This is a modern IPA, soft, juicy and packed full of new world hops

Signature Brewery - Backstage IPA 5.2%

Having won SIBA South East's gold award for best packaged IPA in 2018, Backstage is an ambitious and noteworthy IPA that delivers on its Access All Areas promise as it unlocks a myriad of tropical flavours including passion fruit, tangerines and berries. Throw in an encore of pine and crisp citric notes and you’ve got yourself a party. Stack them high and drink them cold.

Pretty Decent Brewery - Gulp! 4.8%

What can you say about Lager that’s not already been said by everyone else? Crisp, refreshing, perfect for every occasion - this thing writes itself!

Signature Brewery - Roadie 4.3%

A dependable and refreshing road-dog of a beer. Boasting a hard-earned reputation and fit for grafters and road crews the world over, this all-night IPA loads up notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit and lime. Unsung heroes of venues, bars and festivals: we salute you.

Pretty Decent Brewery - I Could Get Better at T*sco for a Quid: 4.5%

A tribute to our favourite early google review *sobs*. Juicy, stone, fruit hazy session beer

Exale Brewery - Skoosh 4.2%

Our session IPA. Hazy, juicy and packed with tropical hop aroma. A balanced, sessionable and full flavoured beer.

Liquid gold from breweries such as Exale, Signature and Pretty Decent. All of the great taste without having to leave the house! 

Please note if a beer is sadly out of stock, do not fret, we will simply replace with an equally great beer! There are lots to try!

Blackhorse Road Beer Mile is a route with some of London's top breweries located in Walthamstow, E17.  Bringing together: Renegade Urban Winery, Wild Card Brewery, Hackey Brewery, Beerble Fish, Exale, Pretty Decent, Signature Brewery, Big Penny Social and Burnt Faith Brandy House all in one spot!