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Pan Fried Sea Bass with Lemony Vegetables


Fillets of Sea Bass


Courgettes (3 times the amount of aubergine)

Mange Tout



Cumin (whole)

Coriander (ground)

Chill powder (optional)

Mashed Potato



Make the mashed potato as you usually do. I keep the skins on and use lots of butter :). Sprinkle salt and pepper on the fillets and leave them on the side.


Slice the aubergine and courgettes into chunks about 1-2cm and fry the aubergine in butter with a bit of salt and pepper, stirring gently.


After five or ten minutes add the juice of half a lemon (a whole lemon if cooking for more than 4). After a few more minutes or once the veg have started to brown add the Mange Tout and a bit more butter and lemon if desired.


Add a teaspoon of Coriander and 2 of Cumin (for 4 people) and the chilli if using and stir well.


Now heat up a large frying pan for the fillets. Fry them skin side first on a high temperature with nothing else in the pan. After about 5 minutes, or once the skins start to brown, add some butter and flip the fillets. Cook them moving them as little as possible.


Serve once the veg and fish are done (the fish won’t take long). Add a squeeze of lemon if desired.


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